Finding Camping Sites

We use frequently

  • Campendium no cost, but we do pay to support them, our most important resource
  • [$] we have found this to be invaluable when traveling across the country and are just looking for a good place to stay overnight (index Walmarts, Cracker Barrells, etc. and experiences using them)
  • Thousand Trails [$]
  • Harvest Hosts [$]

Infrequently Use

Cell Coverage Maps

Time & Date

Climate – Typical Weather Anywhere, very helpful to determine if we are too far North in the fall or spring

Bloggers and Vloggers

  • Ditched the Kids – met Ann and Mike at an book signing in Winter Garden 2018, they post about some important lessons learned in their time fulltime RVing
  • RVLove – their earlier content when they were just getting on the road inspired us to, recently their style has changed and they are focused more on their books and other materials. We still thank them for the inspiration in those early years with the bunkhouse modification for an office, giving us hope that you can indeed fulltime telework in an RV!
  • Less Junk / More Journey – In the first few months of them Vlogging on Youtube that was inspiring to us to get out of the house and make the switch to fulltime RVing, now we continue to follow them because they are nice people and enjoy their content

RV Mods & Items


Fitness Normal Temperature Maps


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