The Jeep is Finally….Fixed!(?) P0345, P0349, P0390, P0394

We finally have a resolution after more than a year of nightmares in trying to diagnose our 2017 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon issues with engine codes and performance problems. There are very few answers to these codes on the internet, we think this is truly the first honest diagnostic answer to this problem! (After 3 months now, we believe we can confidently say this was indeed the resolution.) Continue reading The Jeep is Finally….Fixed!(?) P0345, P0349, P0390, P0394

Leaf Peeping on the Reading

After leaving a little behind schedule from Wisconsin, we headed to State College, Pennsylvania, to have our Jeep checked out by a Youtubing automotive diagnostician.  We stopped over in the Amish community Shipshewana for the weekend, stocking up on RV parts, and baked goods, and witnessed the six-horse-hitch world championships for 2023. Plus, we celebrated Barb’s birthday with a fun fall leaf-peeping train adventure. Continue reading Leaf Peeping on the Reading

Oma Gets Kidnapped!

We made our final push to Wisconsin after spending two weeks in Moab, Utah. We left Moab at noon after the final meet and greet event was over and arrived back in Wisconsin on May 11, 2023.  Due to leaving this late in the day, it took us an extra night to get back to Wisconsin, staying at Harvest Hosts for three nights. The arrival in Wisconsin, as seems to be usual now, was celebrated with a frosty mug of root beer at A&W in Baldwin, Wisconsin. Continue reading Oma Gets Kidnapped!

Spring 2023: Escapees Off-Road HOP

We may have a new favorite national park now! In this blog post, an Escapees Off-Roading HOP adventure in Moab was our final spring 2023 destination before returning to Wisconsin. While the event itself was only 4 days, we were in Moab for a total of 14 and were able to get out on many trails. There had been talk for years that trails would be closed by the Bureau of Land Management and since we were there some of these trails are indeed now closed. Continue reading Spring 2023: Escapees Off-Road HOP

Another Cool Winter at Winter Garden

We have grown to enjoy the Winter Garden area on the Northwest side of Orlando, Florida. We finally address the issues with the Jeep with a local mechanic. As always we are blessed with the lifestyle. We were even more blessed this year with visits from friends and family who escaped the exceptionally cold and snowy Wisconsin winter this year, as well as Oma spent an extended stay in Minnesota with our family there. Continue reading Another Cool Winter at Winter Garden