Leaf Peeping on the Reading

After leaving a little behind schedule from Wisconsin, we headed to State College, Pennsylvania, to have our Jeep checked out by a Youtubing automotive diagnostician.  We stopped over in the Amish community Shipshewana for the weekend, stocking up on RV parts, and baked goods, and witnessed the six-horse-hitch world championships for 2023. Plus, we celebrated Barb’s birthday with a fun fall leaf-peeping train adventure. Continue reading Leaf Peeping on the Reading

Oma Gets Kidnapped!

We made our final push to Wisconsin after spending two weeks in Moab, Utah. We left Moab at noon after the final meet and greet event was over and arrived back in Wisconsin on May 11, 2023.  Due to leaving this late in the day, it took us an extra night to get back to Wisconsin, staying at Harvest Hosts for three nights. The arrival in Wisconsin, as seems to be usual now, was celebrated with a frosty mug of root beer at A&W in Baldwin, Wisconsin. Continue reading Oma Gets Kidnapped!