Parker Homestead, Arkansas

It took two days of travel to get from Northern Alabama to Southwestern Missouri, and this included a unique Harvest Host overnight at Parker Homestead in Arkansas.

We love the adventure that Harvest Hosts bring when we are traveling across the country. This particular host was gracious to allow us to use their property overnight, even though it was the off-season. We see so much potential in this place that we hope to be back there when they are open and it is a bustling community event. Unfortunately, that would also mean the steamy summer months when we try to stay up North!

Even though they were closed, we did leave them a donation for their operation in the spirit of the Harvest Host tradition!

Business Parker Homestead
Location Harrisburg, AR
Nights 1
Cost $20 donation
Date March 19, 2022


There are numerous vignettes throughout the homestead, we can only envision that these are bustling activities on a summer weekend when the homestead has its various festivals.
Lots of various antiques from the farm embrace the grounds, but one which stood out was a 1943 Willy’s Army Jeep. It is surprising how small these utility vehicles were. No idea if the towing hitch is on the front of this one is original, but their flat towing capability then is a nod to why Jeeps are so popular behind motorhomes today.
An Arkansas sunrise over the Parker Pioneer Homestead where we had a very quiet evening by ourselves in the off-season at the park.