Faded Glory – Harvest Host

After the birthday palooza was over in Winter Garden we traveled south toward the Everglades, but we had a lapse in our reservations on Saturday. We utilized our Harvest Hosts membership to stay over in Sebring, Florida, at The Faded Republic Bistro & Beer Garden.  The restaurant has an eclectic menu, to “earn our overnight stay” we enjoyed a very hearty meal.  The cheese and meat board was intense, very savory and will be a repeat should we return here.

You don’t need a membership to eat here of course, but to stay overnight you will need to sign up with Harvest Hosts.  Harvest Hosts is a program where businesses like this offer their large parking lots for overnight parking in exchange for the member patronizing the business.  These hosts are wineries, breweries, farms, museums and if you add the option golf courses.  You stay “free” at the host and you buy their products or eat at their restaurant, etc.


With a low overnight at only 67F, the high as we traveled further south during the day was at 102F with some pretty high humidity.

We arrived in the middle of the afternoon when the temperature was at 100 degrees, down from 102 when we were traveling.  During this heat, we turn on the generator and run the roof air conditioners to aid the dash air.  Once the sun started to set the temperatures dropped pretty quick to the 80’s and dinner at the bistro was very pleasant outside.

There is a railroad a short distance away, but not very loud at all.  The overnight here was great!  Whether you are here to eat or because you have a Harvest Hosts membership it is a great stop!



An excellent moist and flavorful crab cake with fried potato crisps


An amazing quiet oasis along a very urban noisy street. At least 10 degrees cooler in the shade and quiet.


Enjoy the tasty cheese and meat board or sip some wine in various seats throughout the garden.