Replacing Headlight Bulbs

I was hoping to quickly replace the headlight bulbs on our 2008 Newmar Kountry Star Diesel Pusher (KSDP) 3196 motorhome in a couple of minutes.  Figuring out how to remove the bulb became a half-hour endeavor. A little embarrassing looking back on it, but when you cannot see what you are doing it is just a little tricky.

So we sharing here for those that may have a similar headlight on their Newmar or other similar light.  There are rumors on the internet that the lights are actually from a Ford Taurus if that helps you understand what you are really dealing with here. Motorhomes seem to really be a lot of standard automotive parts repurposed with custom manufacturing, so get intimidated and take it to the dealer to replace it for you!

The replacement lightbulb is a 9007 series bulb that was very prevalent at our local auto parts store.   We always replace both bulbs at the same time, so bought a pair for around $20.

Passenger side headlight.

Step 1

Remove the weather enclosure.

You need to access the overall cavity of the headlight from inside the generator compartment. Rotate the cone to open the first layer of weather protection for the headlight.


Step 2

Remove the wiring connector from the bulb.

After you remove the weather closer the cable will still be attached, you need to unclip the blue connector cap from the back of the light bulb. A slight tug was all that was needed to remove it from the bulb, no tool or tab prying was needed on these replacements. You may potentially find you need to pry up the tab if it is tight.


Once you have removed the blue tab from the back of the bulb the wiring harness will be free hanging.


Step 3

Rotate the retaining clip deep in the enclosure around the bulb.

Next, you need to rotate the retaining ring from around the bulb. Check out the next photo once the bulb is out to see what you are going to rotate. It took a while to figure this out, do NOT rotate the connector on the bulb until you remove the retaining ring. Once the ring is removed the bulb will just slide out easily without rotating it.


The retaining clip on the left was the magic piece that took a half-hour to figure out the first time, including crawling up inside the generator compartment to get a look at it. Once the clip is off of the bulb can slide out straight from the enclosure. There was a little tug needed to get over the rubber gasket. The replacement series of bulbs that were installed in our coach was the 9007 series.