Summer Slide into Fall

Overall our travel blog documents our travel, our experiences and is for the two of us to create a permanent record of this journey.  The value you might take from this post will depend on your relationship with us. If you are family you may connect strongly with the events documented here. If you are a casual reader with an interest in the full-time RV lifestyle you should recognize the need to schedule downtime and family time in your schedule. This time is when your emotional batteries are recharged for the next segment where that contact will only be over a phone call or video if you can make that happen on both ends.

After our several months out west, we got back to Wisconsin and we parked for three months. We continue to use Barb’s family farm as our landing zone when we are in the area, which works out great for connecting with Barb’s mother while there.  It is also just an hour to our daughter’s family and also to Jason’s family.  Barb was able to stay several weeks with our daughter so she gets her “Oma” time in with our granddaughter, precious bonding time for when we later will only be available over video.  We are only 15 minutes from Jason’s work at the university which requires him to be on campus to work on projects that require hands-on time, to prepare for the fall semester, and to connect with staff face to face.

Our stationary time here gives us an opportunity to work on some projects, to refresh the savings account from the expensive trip out west over the summer, and to prepare for being “gone” for another four to six-month period.  It is important for us to connect with family and friends during this time because we will be south during Christmas, New Year, and even potentially Easter depending on how early it is and how late winter might hang on in Wisconsin.

In the spring of 2020, we added some rock alongside Barb’s mother’s garage as a landing pad. Jason added a 50-amp plug to the side fo the garage and we pay a nightly fee to Barb’s mom for our electrical use. Water and sewer are just a 15-minute drive away either at a Flying-J or a local city park about every 2 weeks. We have a 100-gallon freshwater tank and that is perfect for 2 weeks for the 2 of us.


Jason’s parents are also RVers, so they have a couple of places to hook up. Nothing like free 50-amp service on a gravel pad overlooking the Trout Creek with eagles, fox, deer, and bear!


Wisconsin is not known for its off-roading like the West maybe, but when it is muddy it can be a challenge! Jason took the nieces and his dad out on the Apple Valley Farm trails, which is just a few miles from the family farm, to play in the mud.


The Duck Duck Jeep craze must have hit Northwestern Wisconsin this summer, we got ducked within a mile of each other three times in a week’s time! All of the tags were different styles, so we felt pretty good with the honors!


Fortunately, thanks to the miracle of CoVID vaccines, we were able to get the family together to celebrate Jason’s mother turning 70 years old this year!


Grandpa Jason and Great-Grandpa Bruce are out on the trails around the farm with the birthday cake covered Ceci squealing up some fun.


Technology has made our time with Ceci very special. Barb spent many weeks with daughter’s family in person, but technology allows us to extend that with some fun times too. Ceci loves the filters of Facebook Messenger, but she also loves when Opa comes to play “Cook…in the kitchen” too!


Great-Grandma (GG) Lurene and Ceci picking out pumpkins in the patch.


In front of the famous chickens on our way out for the fall and winter. Generations of Barb’s family have posed in front of these chickens!

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  1. It’s so wonderful to read about your adventures, Barb and Jason. I look forward to seeing you in the spring. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (2022).

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