Back on the Road Again

It was great to return to Highland Ridge Campground (an Army Corp of Engineers park north of Spring Valley, WI) where we had many great memories as family. The campground is just down from our house and we would spend many weekends there. Given the temperatures being in the high 90’s over the weekend, it was good to be in the woods out of the sun. This has become a place to share with Jason’s parents for Memorial Weekend and it is nice and close for Barb’s Mom too to come for dinner.

The plan had been to be there for the maximum 14 days, but we decided to go back to River Falls. Round trip from the park to River Falls it is over 90 minutes, there is no way to get from here to there. So we returned to Hoffman Park in River Falls on Memorial Day. It was really really hot, we thought we would check out some Hastings Creamery shakes to cool off and in Hastings it was 102 degrees!!!

After spending two more weeks in River Falls, Jason attended the Cisco Live conference in Orlando. We moved over to the Southwest Minneapolis KOA in Jordan, MN, so that when Jason returned from the conference we could be just that closer to South Dakota. We spent a few days together there before his conference and then Barb enjoyed the week alone but with many visitors from family and friends. We of course made a couple of visits over to the Jim’s Orchard a/k/a Minnesota’s Largest Candy store to stock up on some of our favorite root-beers and get some of their great apple bakery goods.

While in Jordan we made a couple of modifications to the RV. We finally decided to go ahead with the installation of the second A/C unit in on the RV in the bedroom which is a great improvement. We also opted to have the heater element installed so that we can punt the portable heater from the bedroom when it gets chilly. The black front cap, dark decals and poor ducting to the front of the rig heat it up really fast in the sun. Hope the new unit will take care of this.

We also installed a Mount-N-Lock bumper mounted shelf` so that we can position our generator on the back of the rig. We hope in the upcoming trip out West to do some boondocking and this will make generator use a little easier. It was a pretty easy install and seems to be pretty solid. More to come on that review after we make it out west.

Friday night at the KOA was strange, we had done our projects and people kept coming into our “living room.” Everyone that was streaming in was there to party and enjoy the weekend, but for us it was another evening at “home” for us.

CampgroundSouthwest Minneapolis KOA

Located actually in Jordan, MN, and is about 30 minutes to the Southwest of Minneapolis on Highway 169
Nights Stayed8: June 7 - June 15, 2018

We stayed 8, paid for 9. We paid for an extra night at the end because Jason was traveling back from Orlando and would be back after check out time. We wanted the extra cushion of time just in case not everything went right.
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