Page 2 (Year 2) of our Next Chapter

We turn the page of Our Next Chapter journey to year two. A year ago on September 25, 2017, we posted that “Our Next Chapter” was starting, we had sold the house and we were without a “home” as we set out for our new journey. Jason continues to work at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, although his job continues to morph because of the ever changing information security world and where we thought he would be at now is not at all planned. In the past year we have been to Florida and back, becoming established residents of the Florida and Disney annual pass-holders fulfilling that dream. We were as far west as Yellowstone National Park.

In the second year of Our Next Chapter we contemplate the opportunities God has given us to do this together with Him and we have planned to return to Florida for the winter. We will meander through a zigzag across the deep south including New Orleans up to Pigeon Forge and down into Florida late fall 2018. We hope to meet up with several new RV full-time friends we have encountered along the way of year one. We still continue to think about another downsizing with the same emotions we had about going from the house to the 5th wheel as we now are feeling about RV down to camper-van life.  Until then we will continue to tow our 2017 Laredo 325RL 5th wheel trailer with our 2015 RAM 3500 pickup truck while still having Wheezy and Rico our cats aboard.