Salt Lake City – Where’s the Lake?

After Moab, we made the short trip up to the Provo and Salt Lake, Utah, area west of the mountain range.  We stayed the third week of June 2021 for 5 nights at the Springville / Provo KOA. This KOA is situated at the south end of the greater Salt Lake City area and it takes about 90 minutes to make it to the northernmost point of the area.  This KOA may be more available and lower cost, but it does come with its disadvantages of that distance if you are trying to reach some of the parks and attractions situated on the northern side.

The decadent Cherry Cordial at Granny’s Drive-In on the eastern side of the Wasatch Mountain in Herber City, Utah.


This was a bit of a reset location for the 5 nights. We had hoped to check out some comedy shows at the Dry Bar Comedy Club, but there were none the 5 days we were there! Typical timing that we often encounter as we pass through an area, especially since we prefer to do so in the “off-seasons.” We drove around the area some, checked out what is left of the lake, and headed up to the mountains.  We have no pictures of the lake because there really wasn’t anything to see.  We chose not to walk out on the dry lake bed given the looming storms that day.  We did greatly enjoy our drive up in the mountains where we found unusual white birch forests and some cool little towns that have been added to our map for future return trips.


A forest of all white birch trees is very surreal, very unusual to see, and outright majestic. From Heber City, Utah, we returned toward Salt Lake on County Road 190 over the mountain pass and found this amazing sight.

We fell upon a local treat with some significance to our time together.  Once upon a time, a long time ago, our local hometown bakery Bohemian Ovens baked all of the rolls for our wedding reception and they had surprised our head table with kolaches as a treat.  Those treats have become some of our favorite ethnic foods. In the area are several kolache options, but best of all was one featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. (Triple-D!) We were specifically at the W Center St, Provo, location which was a tiny little shop not much more than about 15′ x 30′ in size.  It had a case at the front and a frantic team just behind it making them to order as customers bought from the case. They were so good we shimmied the motorhome through the tight downtown streets and walked over to get a couple of dozen assorted to go!


Currently, with four locations in the area, we became repeat customers of Hruska’s Kolaches. So good we stocked up on 2 dozen to go on our last day so that tasty memory would linger.

From Salt Lake, we continued on to the Seattle area, in our next post we will tell you about the two weeks we stayed there over the 4th of July holiday.

Barb has gotten much more comfortable with driving the motorhome. Especially on such flat and straight drives like from Salt Lake City to Seattle which is pretty boring and there are stretches where there are no services for 50 or 60 miles at a time. We also were stopped for 90 minutes on I-80 about a half-mile from a highway accident requiring medivac helicopters, forcing us to change our overnight destination to Boise, Idaho.


Not our original destination, but Boise, Idaho, did serve as a quiet overnight at a Cracker Barrel.


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