St. Ignace, MI – Mackinac Island

September 27, 2017

Made our way to our favorite island yesterday in the afternoon.  The water was really choppy going over with a 10MPH wind, but was far worse returning with a 20MPH head wind.  Even some of the “locals” were commenting on the big waves we hit, the Shephler’s Ferryline captain did a great job at minimizing the impacts.  After an amazing diner style lunch at The Chuckwagon on Main Street we took a horse-drawn carriage ride.  We had not taken the Mackinac Island Carriage Company tours before and would recommend them over the other companies due to their longer route.  After the tour, Jason did some walking and checked out the Stone Church, while Barb guarded the Joanne’s Fudge and did some people watching.

We both had the hankering for a great pizza and we had been driving by and smelling one on the main drag on the main land in St. Ignace.  So we checked out the BC Pizza shop just down the hill from our RV Park, whow!  That was some great pizza and salads.

To wrap up the night Jason was able to get two of the three vent covers on the RV before dark.  Even though Penge did not get to go along on the trip to the island, she did get to enjoy some chocolate orange fudge.  Yum!