We Can See Canada!

September 28, 2017

Since we had a long day at Mackinac Island the day before, we decided to take a short driving day out to the edge of the Upper Peninsula.  We visited a great rustic spot about a thousand feet off of the highway, but miles away from it all.  This was a great place to view our second of the three great lakes that we are checking out on this short vacation.  Then we continued on to the end of the Upper Peninsula mainland to the DeTour Village.  From there you can hop one more island via ferry before you run into Canada.

While we sat at the marina in DeTour that is when the buyers finally signed the paperwork back in Hudson and we officially sold our home.  It was sort of the anti-climatic actually, since it was so peaceful watching the ferry go back and forth from the island.  Our realtor texted us it was complete and suddenly it was all very real again.  Our Next Chapter has really begun now.

This will be the last of our trips in this part of the U.P. as on Friday we start to make our way back West again.  We will be taking a couple of days to make our way back to River Falls.

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