First snow in River Falls, WI, on October 27, 2017


We failed to meet our goal of being south of the snow line this year! October 27th and in River Falls, Wisconsin, there is measurable snow on the ground and it is getting deeper. The RV is doing well with the mild temperatures in the mid and lower 30’s. Our electric heat works fine most of the time but the LP gas furnace occasionally kicks … Continue reading Failure!

Are You Sure We Didn’t See That Tree Before?

September 30, 2017 In Michigan there are about 27 billion trees and it seems like we have seen every single one of them this week!  After a while they begin to look the same, even though we purposefully tried to avoid the same route back across the U.P. so we would not see the same trees twice.  The cats are really adapting to the travel … Continue reading Are You Sure We Didn’t See That Tree Before?