A Deflating Day All Around

Our 30 minute travel day turned out to be a 6 hour day and ended being a big flat disappointment! After two RV parks and now a flat trailer tire, we are going to use Jason’s legal holiday time off tomorrow to relocate a third time and hopefully get a tire fixed and to relocate.

Today was to be a move just 30 minutes away from Wauchula to Frostproof, Florida, to meet back up with Jason’s parents that had to move there on Friday. While the Camp Inn facility seemed to be nice, with two pools, well kept and clean sites, there was an evil lurking there. We are learning the first thing to do is run a speedtest on the AT&T hotspot when we pull into a campground. We often travel on the weekend and find the numbers are low for download but the upload number often will be higher to give Jason a reasonable idea to what will happen on Monday. In this case we could not even get a speedtest to start! The nice neighbor came by to introduce himself and we talked about the Internet there, he told us everyone was starting to install satellite service now because it was so bad. Argh! We had backed into our site to get out of the way, then packed it all up and pulled out again. We stopped by to say goodbye to Jason’s parents and headed North to the campground we had originally planned on six months ago.

So once we arrived in Old Town, Florida, where credit cards are yet to be heard of and everything is done with cash, we ran the speed test again. It was a little better than Frostproof, but the numbers were bad again. Jason has some tools to try to combat this, but we are finding these only go so far for live interactive HD audio/video connections like Jason uses throughout the week. It does improve download for streaming Netflix and streaming like that. After we got all parked in our site, then we noticed we had a flat tire on the trailer! It wasn’t a blow out, but the tire is done for now. Moving to the top of our high priority list now is the tire pressure monitoring system we have been considering. This now will be two flats in two years, which are the only two we have had in the 18 years of RVing together.

Argh, at the end of an already frustrating day one more thing to now address. We have booked a site at an Encore RV resort back in civilization closer to Orlando tomorrow. We will use our Good Sam Road assistance and get the tire changed in the AM and head back down the road to the local Walmart that seems to have it in their online stock. Then on to where OpenSignal is showing us dense green Internet flying through the air.