Crazy Penguin Lady!

Nights Stayed7: November 12-18, 2017
Parking SiteSt. Louis RV Park
RestaurantsPappy's Smokehouse Dressel's Public House Mama's on the Hill
AttractionsKrispy Kreme, penguins at the St. Louis Zoo, Malcolm W. Martin Park
Remember for Next TimeRV park is very noisy but in the middle of everything when approach on Jefferson from the South, go past and clockwise around the North side between the school and the park.

The primary reason for our coming to St. Louis was to celebrate the crazy penguin lady’s birthday at the St. Louis zoo. We were in River Falls when Barb turned over another year on the odometer and we decided to celebrate instead in St. Louis. Access to the penguins at this habit is really great for interacting with them. While it was actually warmer INSIDE the penguin exhibit than outside, it was still a very beautiful day to visit the free zoo. We ended our day with a celebration of cake batter Krispy Kremes.

We traveled down from the Cedar Rapids, IA, area on Sunday via the Avenue of Saints Highway, which runs from Saint Paul, MN, to Saint Louis, MO. We have had a lot of great experiences just living in this area for the week of November 12-18, 2017.  The weather has been so nice here, even the coldest day we could easily spend time outside in short sleeves. It is nice having full hookups (water, electric & sewer) so that we can get caught up on laundry, complete some “remodeling” projects with the RV and enjoying long hot showers!  The campground is in the middle of the city and is only miles and minutes from a number of attractions.  You can see the arch from the campground and it is just a few minutes drive to a great vantage point on the Illinois side of the river for sunset viewing at the Malcolm W. Martin park.

The urban environment at the St. Louis RV Park has us contemplating our future locations. We all, including our furry legged boys Rico and Wheezy, needed to do some adapting to the noises here.  Jason continues to study, with Wheezy’s help, for his next Cisco certification exam.  However, the noises and distractions of this environment can be pretty great at times.  While we were here, there was a huge warehouse fire that brought in hundreds of firefighters from miles around with sirens a blazing. Seems like every truck, ambulance and squad car passed by the main drag next to the RV park honking their air-horns. You can see the fire about 10 hours later in the photo we took of the arch at sunset.

Not only are we in Krispy Kremes territory but we had some of our best BBQ at Pappy’s Smokehouse.  We actually had to go back a second night and basically repeat the same meal over it was so good the first time, washing it down with a Fitz’s rootbeer each time.  This is a must visit restaurant for BBQ lovers. We have found that St. Louis has many great food options.

Next up is Bowling Green, KY, area over the Thanksgiving week. We have the ham, stuffing and green beans ready for Thanksgiving day! We are even going to try cooking from scratch some cranberries.

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