I found my thrill on blueberry hill…

Barb has been rather musical this week singing every time we departed and arrived home at the Blueberry Hill RV Resort, “I found my thrill on blueberry hill…” (Yes, elvis did sing this!) Sunday we left Clermont, FL, and the land of the mouse. We had used up our two weeks in the Thousand Trails system and need to spend a week outside it.

We had another “no internet” campground encounter again and had to make a last-minute change. We had returned to our “home base” of Sumter Oaks only to find that what was poor AT&T coverage had become completely non-existent. So we headed North into Bushnell and got the last available site at the Blueberry Hill RV Resort. AT&T coverage here has been unbelievable. Even with no Elvis sightings it was a quiet week so Jason could worked many late evenings to catch up at work from vacation and the flu. Jason even had some time to replace the bedroom LED “puck lights” that came in the rig with some soft directional LED lighting, much more pleasant in the evenings and the mornings to not “down spot lights” blinding you.

The first part of this park was constructed after 2000, so there are some really great amenities including a beautiful warm swimming pool, excellent cable TV at each side and there seems to be something always going on at the clubhouse. This community is different, you see people outside their rigs talking to each other and tons of people at the events. What isn’t so nice here is how squished some of the sites are with each other, we are literally an arm’s length away from the rig on our door side but on the otherwise we could drive the truck between us and the next rig. Anyway, we made do and Valentines evening we had a quiet warm evening outside together, with Barb requesting Jason’s signature steak, mushrooms and parmesan peas.

Saturday we headed to the big city of Tampa to run some errands and to check out the Chihuly Collection of blown glass. On the we way to the Morean Arts Center in St. Petersburg we swung over to Brocato’s Sandwich Shop based on a recommendation from theWe’re the Russos. Brocato’s speciality is a soft mashed potato ball stuffed with seasoned meats. We also had a cuban and a club sandwich that were huge and very flavorful. From this experience we decided we need to find an electric cooler for the truck, because we have on more than one occasion encountered great food with huge portions that we have left because we had no way to safely take the leftovers with us.

Dale Chihuly is an amazing artist, one of our favorites. He has some very large installations around the world and is known for his style. We first encountered his glass work at the lobby of the Bellagio in Las Vegas. The Chihuly collection at the Morean Arts Center is no disappointing show, with pieces from small table bowls to an entire room filled with glistening spectacles.

Sunday we head back to Winter Garden RV resort to use our Trails Collection pass for another two weeks. Barb’s sister comes to visit and at the end of our time in Winter Garden we will start to make our ascent into the cold toward Wisconsin again.

Nights Stayed23: December 11, 2017 - January 2, 20187: Feburary 11-18, 2018
Parking SiteSite 46 for the duration
Sumter Oaks RV Park
4602 CR 673
Bushnell, FL 33513
Site F-5
Blueberry Hill RV Resort

Bushnell, FL 33513
RestaurantsCoyote Rojo
Chuck's Odd Couple Restaurant (breakfast)
Big O's Home Plate (burgers)
Howie's Family Restaurant (breakfast)

From Winter Garden RV Resort notes:
AttractionsDisney World & all the fun (75 minutes East)
Pine Island Beach Park (45 minutes West)
Centro Ybor, Trolley (45 minutes Southwest)
Dade Battlefield State Park ($3/vehicle) (15 minutes North)
WELS ChurchesGrace of Spring Hill, FL
Emmanuel Lutheran of Zephyrhills, FL
Remember for Next TimeC Y Western Co (clothing)

The chinese restaurant West of Walmart is horrible.
AT&T Coverage4G LTE poor to great, depending on whether the service is horrible when overloaded over the holidays. Using a directional antenna on the WeBoost helps, we can change the direction of the antenna to a different tower that is not so overloaded.4G LTe Excellent

Full bars 30-50 Mbps down and 5-10 Mbps up. Latency good between 40 and 50 ms. At the highway it is not the same story, so the sector of the tower covering the RV park is much better.
Verizon Coverage4G LTE good4G LTE Excellent
WiFi CoverageNone, not providedThere is a WiFi service, but impossible to get in because of all of the hotspot interference.
Anytime FitnessA good quality gym in Bushnell, FL, by Walmart (showers were pretty dirty though)
Mail ServicesCan receive packages via USPS and UPS at main address, First Class mail is forwarded to the mail service in Livingston, TX. FedEx delivers directly to the site when the site # is in the address.UPS and FedEx will deliver directly to the site if you include the site number in the address. USPS delivers to the office and then the office hides it on you. Really they put in the mail room and don't tell you there is a mail room. But they do have a good process for those that are here permanently.
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  1. Maybe you can bring some of the warm weather back to WI when you begin your ascent! I am enjoying all the posts, pictures, and experiences you are having!

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